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Faith Is Not Belief Without Proof, But Trust Without Reservation.

– D. Elton Trueblood

If You Wait Too Long For The Perfect Moment, The Perfect Moment Will Pass You By.

– Unknown

Progress Always Involves Risks. You Can’t Steal Second Base And Keep Your Foot On First.

– Frederick B Wilcox

If Someone You Love Hurts You, Cry A River, Build A Bridge, And Get Over It.

– Unknown

If More Of Us Valued Food And Cheer And Song Above Hoarded Gold, It Would Be A Merrier World.

– J.R.R. Tolkien

I Couldn’t Wait For Success, So I Went Ahead Without It.

– Jonathan Winters

A Man Can Fail Many Times, But He Isn’t A Failure Until He Begins To Blame Somebody Else.

– John Burroughs

There’s An Important Difference Between Giving Up And Letting Go.

– Jessica Hatchigan
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We Picture Love As Heart-Shaped Because We Do Not Know The Shape Of The Soul.

– Robert Brault

A Bend In The Road Is Not The End Of The Road… Unless You Fail To Make The Turn.

– Unknown

Why Not Go Out On A Limb? Isn’t That Where The Fruit Is?

– Frank Scully

If You Smile At Someone, They Might Smile Back.

– Unknown

Neither A Wise Man Nor A Brave Man Lies Down On The Tracks Of History To Wait For The Train Of The Future To Run Over Him.

– D. Eisenhower

Sometimes You Have To Stop Thinking So Much And Go Where Your Heart Takes You.

– Unknown

I Think Everybody Should Get Rich And Famous And Do Everything They Ever Dreamed Of So They Can See That It’s Not The Answer.

– Jim Carrey

Life Is The Hyphen Between Matter And Spirit.

– William Hare & Us Charles Hare

Every Problem Has A Gift For You In Its Hands.

– Richard Bach

It Is Every Man’s Obligation To Put Back Into The World At Least The Equivalent Of What He Takes Out Of It.

– Albert Einstein
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Man Is Not Made For Defeat. A Man Can Be Destroyed, But Not Defeated.

– Ernest Hemingway

Remember, If You’re Headed In The Wrong Direction, God Allows U-Turns.

– Allison Gappa Bottke

Don’t Be Afraid Your Life Will End; Be Afraid That It Will Never Begin.

– Grace Hansen

In The Book Of Life, The Answers Aren’t In The Back.

– Charles M Schulz

Life Without Faith In Something Is Too Narrow A Space To Live.

– George L Spaulding

Whatever You Are, Be A Good One.

– Abraham Lincoln

Love Is A Fire. But Whether It Is Going To Warm Your Heart Or Burn Down Your House, You Can Never Tell.

– Joan Crawford

Whoever Said Anybody Has A Right To Give Up?

– Marian Wright Edelman

Joy Is A Net Of Love By Which You Can Catch Souls.

– Mother Teresa
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The Most Common Way People Give Up Their Power Is By Thinking They Don’t Have Any.

– Alice Walker

Happy Are Those Who Dream Dreams And Are Ready To Pay The Price To Make Them Come True.

– Leo Suenens

Never Explain, Your Friends Do Not Need It And Your Enemies Will Not Believe You Anyway.

– Elbert Hubbard

I’ve Got A Theory That If You Give Percent All Of The Time, Somehow Things Will Work Out In The End.

– Larry Bird

A Sad Soul Can Kill You Quicker Than A Germ.

– John Steinbeck

Freedom Is The Oxygen Of The Soul.

– Moshe Dayan

Treat A Person As He Is, And He Will Remain As He Is. Treat Him As He Could Be, And He Will Become What He Should Be.

– Jimmy Johnson

Things Are Never Quite As Scary When You Have A Best Friend.

– Bill Watterson

You Live Longer Once You Realize That Any Time Spent Being Unhappy Is Wasted.

– Ruth E. Renkl

Know Your Limits, But Never Stop Trying To Exceed Them.

– Unknown

Before Enlightenment, Chop Wood, Carry Water. After Enlightenment – Chop Wood, Carry Water.

– Zen Saying
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Go For It Now. The Future Is Promised To No One.

– Wayne Dyer

Faith Can Move Mountains, But Don’t Be Surprised If God Hands You A Shovel.

– Unknown

Your Intellect May Be Confused, But Your Emotions Will Never Lie To You.

– Roger Ebert

Put Your Future In Good Hands – Your Own.

– Unknown

Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy To Be Looking For It.

– Henry David Thoreau

Don’t Fear, Just Live Right.

– Neal A Maxwell

Ah, Summer, What Power You Have To Make Us Suffer And Like It.

– Russell Baker

Any Man Can Be A Father. It Takes Someone Special To Be A Dad.

– Unknown

A Wise Man Will Make More Opportunities Than He Finds.

– Francis Bacon

When A Friend Is In Trouble, Don’t Annoy Him By Asking If There Is Anything You Can Do. Think Up Something Appropriate And Do It.

– EW Howe

If The World Seems Cold To You, Kindle Fires To Warm It.

– Lucy Larcom

To Those Who Can Dream There Is No Such Place As Faraway.

– Unknown

Between The Great Things We Cannot Do And The Small Things We Will Not Do, The Danger Is That We Shall Do Nothing.

– Adolph Monod

Attitude Determines Altitude.

– Unknown

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream. It’s Your Dream, Not Theirs.

– Dan Zadra

People Are Not Perfect (Except When They Smile).

– Unknown

A Smile Confuses An Approaching Frown.

– Unknown

If You Want To Make Your Dreams Come True, The First Thing You Have To Do Is Wake Up.

– J.M. Power

One Cannot Think Crooked And Walk Straight.

– Unknown

There’s Lots Of People In This World Who Spend So Much Time Watching Their Health That They Haven’t The Time To Enjoy It.

– Josh Billings

When You Come To The End Of Your Rope, Tie A Knot And Hang On.

– Franklin D Roosevelt

None Of The Secrets Of Success Will Work Unless You Do.

– Unknown

I Love Hugging. I Wish I Was An Octopus, So I Could Hug Ten People At A Time.

– Drew Barrymore

A Man Travels The World Over In Search Of What He Needs, And Returns Home To Find It.

– George Moore

If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them.

– Mother Teresa

You Don’t Have A Soul. You Are A Soul. You Have A Body.

– C.S. Lewis

It Is Not Because Things Are Difficult That We Do Not Dare, It Is Because We Do Not Dare That They Are Difficult.

– Seneca

We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home.

– Ram Dass

Every Day Is An Opportunity To Make A New Happy Ending.

– Unknown

The Right To Do Something Does Not Mean That Doing It Is Right.

– William Safire

Mistakes Are Part Of The Dues One Pays For A Full Life.

– Sophia Loren

Life Is An Endless Struggle Full Of Frustrations And Challenges, But Eventually You Find A Hair Stylist You Like.

– Unknown

The Day Will Happen Whether Or Not You Get Up.

– John Ciardi

The Best Way To Cheer Yourself Up Is To Try To Cheer Somebody Else Up.

– Mark Twain

To Escape Criticism – Do Nothing, Say Nothing, Be Nothing.

– Elbert Hubbard

A Good Friend Is A Connection To Life – A Tie To The Past, A Road To The Future, The Key To Sanity In A Totally Insane World.

– Lois Wyse

Mothers Hold Their Children’s Hands For A Short While, But Their Hearts Forever.

– Unknown

When You Pray, Rather Let Your Heart Be Without Words Than Your Words Without Heart.

– John Bunyan

Opportunities Are Never Lost; Someone Will Take The One You Miss. – Author Unknown Make Your Optimism Come True.

– Christian D Larson

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said.

– Benjamin Franklin

Lose An Hour In The Morning, And You Will Be All Day Hunting For It.

– Richard Whately

Every Survival Kit Should Include A Sense Of Humor.

– Unknown

Grasp Your Opportunities, No Matter How Poor Your Health; Nothing Is Worse For Your Health Than Boredom.

– M. McLaughlin

How Many Cares One Loses When One Decides Not To Be Something But To Be Someone.

– Coco Chanel

Life Is The Sum Of All Your Choices.

– Albert Camus

Love Is Blind Only To The Eyes. The Heart Sees Everything Clearly.

– Unknown

One Joy Scatters A Hundred Griefs.

– Chinese Proverb

Dreams Come True; Without That Possibility, Nature Would Not Incite Us To Have Them.

– John Updike

To Send A Letter Is A Good Way To Go Somewhere Without Moving Anything But Your Heart.

– Phyllis Theroux

Anywhere Is Paradise; It’s Up To You.

– Unknown

Love Is Not A Matter Of What Happens In Life. It’s A Matter Of What’s Happening In Your Heart.

– Ken Keyes

Be Glad Of Life, Because It Gives You The Chance To Love And To Work And To Play And To Look Up At The Stars.

– H Van Dyke

You Can Cut All The Flowers But You Cannot Keep Spring From Coming.

– Pablo Neruda

Minutes Are Worth More Than Money. Spend Them Wisely.

– Thomas P Murphy

Courage Can’t See Around Corners, But Goes Around Them Anyway.

– Mignon McLaughlin

Never Apologize For Showing Feeling. When You Do So, You Apologize For The Truth.

– Benjamin Disraeli

You Can Easily Judge The Character Of A Man By How He Treats Those Who Can Do Nothing For Him.

– James D Miles

No One Is Perfect; That’s Why Pencils Have Erasers.

– Unknown

Those Who Bring Sunshine To The Lives Of Others Cannot Keep It From Themselves.

– James Matthew Barrie

A Mom’s Hug Lasts Long After She Lets Go.

– Unknown

A Joyful Heart Is The Inevitable Result Of A Heart Burning With Love.

– Mother Teresa

There Is No Such Thing In Anyone’s Life As An Unimportant Day.

– Alexander Woollcott

The Soul, Like The Body, Lives By What It Feeds On.

– Josiah Gilbert Holland

True Love Comes Quietly, Without Banners Or Flashing Lights. If You Hear Bells, Get Your Ears Checked.

– Erich Segal

Life Is Simple, It’s Just Not Easy.

– Unknown

The Heart Has Reasons That Reason Does Not Know.

– Blaise Pascal

I Asked God For All Things So I Could Enjoy Life. He Gave Me Life So I Could Enjoy All Things.

– Unknown

Hope Is Like A Road In The Country; There Was Never A Road, But When Many People Walk On It, The Road Comes Into Existence.

– Lin Yutang

And Life Is What We Make It. Always Has Been, Always Will Be.

– Grandma Moses

Where There Is Laughter There Is Always More Health Than Sickness.

– Phyllis Bottome

A Long Life May Not Be Good Enough, But A Good Life Is Long Enough.

– Benjamin Franklin

Nature Does Not Hurry, Yet Everything Is Accomplished.

– Lao Tzu

Saying Thank You Is More Than Good Manners. It Is Good Spirituality.

– Alfred Painter

You Must Welcome Change As The Rule But Not As Your Ruler.

– Denis Waitley

Sometimes Your Joy Is The Source Of Your Smile But Sometimes Your Smile Can Be The Source Of Your Joy.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

A Loving Person Lives In A Loving World. A Hostile Person Lives In A Hostile World; Everyone You Meet Is Your Mirror.

– Ken Keyes, Jr

If You Treat Every Situation As A Life And Death Matter, You’ll Die A Lot Of Times.

– Dean Smith

How People Treat You Is Their Karma; How You React Is Yours.

– Wayne Dyer

True Love Stories Never Have Endings.

– Richard Bach

Spring Has Returned. The Earth Is Like A Child That Knows Poems.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Always Laugh When You Can. It Is Cheap Medicine.

– Lord Byron

Today Is The Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday.

– Unknown

Beauty Is Not In The Face; Beauty Is A Light In The Heart.

– Khalil Gibran

The Strongest Force In The Universe Is A Human Being Living Consistently With His Identity.

– Tony Robbins
There is never a time or place for true love It happens accidentally in a heartbeat in a single flashing throbbing moment

The Cure For Anything Is Salt Water – Sweat, Tears, Or The Sea.

– Isak Dinesen

Do Ordinary Things With Extraordinary Love.

– Mother Teresa

When You Feel Dog Tired At Night, It May Be Because You’ve Growled All Day Long.

– Unknown

The Darkest Hour Has Only Sixty Minutes.

– Morris Mandel

Love Thy Neighbor, And If It Requires That You Bend Your Understanding Of The Truth, The Truth Will Understand.

– R.Brault

The Poor Man Is Not He Who Is Without A Cent, But He Who Is Without A Dream.

– Harry Kemp

When I Was Young, I Admired Clever People. Now That I Am Old, I Admire Kind People.

– Abraham Joshua Heschel

Everybody Needs A Hug. It Changes Your Metabolism.

– Leo Buscaglia

It Is Better To Wear Out Than To Rust Out.

– Richard Cumberland

There Is Always Some Madness In Love. But There Is Also Always Some Reason In Madness.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Envy Is The Art Of Counting The Other Fellow’s Blessings Instead Of Your Own.

– Harold Coffin

Waste Not Fresh Tears Over Old Griefs.

– Euripides

Don’t Try To Be Different. Just Be Good. To Be Good Is Different Enough.

– Arthur Freed

Someday Perhaps The Inner Light Will Shine Forth From Us, And Then We’ll Need No Other Light.

– JW Von Goethe

In The Right Light, At The Right Time, Everything Is Extraordinary.

– Aaron Rose

For Peace Of Mind, Resign As General Manager Of The Universe.

– Larry Eisenberg
happy people plan actions they dont plan result

No One Is Useless In This World Who Lightens The Burdens Of Another.

– Charles Dickens

Too Many People Miss The Silver Lining Because They’re Expecting Gold.

– Maurice Setter

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