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Cute Love Status In English

Life Is Not About Who Hurt You And Broke You Down. It’s About Who Was Always There And Who Made You Smile Again.

Just Seeing Your Smile Makes Me Feel Better Inside.

Sometimes Words Are Not Enough.

A Man Who Truly Loves You Will Be Angry At You For So Many Things, But Will Never Leave You.

Do The Math. Me + You = Love.

Love Is Sweet When It’s New, But Sweeter When It’s True.

Love Is Blind, Be Careful.

You Are Just Memory Of My Love.

I Love Things That Makes You Happy.

best love whatsapp status

Love Has No Age No Limit And No Death.

When Love Is Not Madness, It Is Not Love.

You Are The Light Of My Life. I Love You.

Love When You’re Ready, Not You’re Lonely.

Every Girl Needs A Good Guy Who Can Help Her Laugh When She Thinks She Will Never Smile Again.

Love Is The Other Name Of Respect, If You Can’t Respect Your Loved One.. Then You Don’t Deserve To Be Loved.

150+ Sad Status For Whatsapp In English

It.s Nice When Someone Cares About You As Much As You Care About Them.

Dude, You Are Lucky, You Got Her. She Is Yours. So Step Up, Treat Her Right Or She Won’t Be Yours For Long.

Because Of You, I Laugh A Little Louder, Cry A Lot Less, And Smile A Lot More.

You Are The Guy All My Love Quotes Are About.

If I Know What Is Love, It’s Because Of You.

Love Is Just Love, It Can Never Be Explained.

Even On Bad Days, I’ll Still Be Happy With You.

You Are The Perfect Combination Of Sexy And Cute.

i may not be perfect but i am original love status for whatsapp

Everyone Has An Addiction, Mine Just Happens To You.

Love Is All, Love Is New, Love Is All, Love Is You.

I Don’t Need A Perfect Relationship, I Just Need Someone Who Won’t Give Up On Me.

Every Girl Deserves A Boy Who Can Change Her Life, Not Only Her Relationship Status.

If You Really Love Someone, Don’t Tell Them. Show Them.

We Fall In Love By Chance. We Stay In Love By Choice.

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If I Had My Life To Love Again, I’d Find You Sooner.

I Love You More Than I Ever Found A Way To Say To You.

You Are My Best Reason To Lose Sleep. I Love You, Babu.

I’m A Lover Not A Fighter But I’ll Fight For What I Love.

Love Is When I Find Reason To Live. That Reason Is You.

True Loves Never Dies. It’s Only Get Stronger With Time.

You Have No Idea How Fast My Heart Beats When I See You.

You Don’t Mean Anything To Me. Ou Mean Everything To Me.

I Hate It When Facebook’s Always Asking Me What Is On My Mind, B’coz It’s Always You. And I Won’t Share You.

Call Me Old Fashioned But I Actually Take Relationships Seriously.

If You’re Important, They Find A Way, If Not, They Find An Excuse.

In Every Girl’s Life, There Is A Boy She’ll Never Forget; In Every Boy’s Life There’s A Girl He Can Never Get.

love status for whatsapp in english

Love Is Sweet When It’s New. But It Is Sweeter When It’s True.

Everybody Knows How To Love, But Only A Few People Know How To Stay In Love With One Person Forever.

Relationships Take-Two People. Not One Person Being Faithful And Another Acting Single.

You’re My Strength But Loving You Is My Biggest Weakness.

You Give Me The Type Of Feeling, People Write Novels About.

Love Is Just Word Until Someone Special Gives It A Meaning.

I Like To When You Smile. But I Love It When I’m The Reason.

Relationships Are Like Drugs, They Either Kill You Or Give You The Best Feeling Of Your Life.

I Just Want A Cute, Long Lasting Relationship.

Best Attitude Status For Whatsapp

Sitting Alone And Enjoying Your Own Company Is Better Than Being Surrounded By Fake People.

No Matter How Sad You May Be, Believe That Happiness Is Waiting.

If Explanation Are Needed Then What Is The Meaning Of Trust.

The Best Feeling In The World Is To Know That Your Parents Are Smiling Because Of You.

A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Few To Carry All My Love For You.

If You Love Her, Don’t Ever Make Her Cry.

A Day Without You Is Always Incomplete.

You’re My Everything. Everything Else Is Just… Everything Else.

A Single Text From You Can Change My Mood At Any Moment.

It’s Nice When Someone Cares About You As Much As You Care About Them.

romantic love status in english

Communication + Trust = A Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime.

First You Care, Then You Get Hurt.

I Will Never Hurt You Is One Of The Most Popular Lies.

Good Relationships Don’t Just Happen. They Take Time, Patience, And Two People Who Truly Want To Be Together.

Even A Million Fights Could Not Make Me Hate You.

Relationships Start With “Can We Talk? And End In “We Need To Talk.

90+ Whatsapp Funny Status In English

I’m Not Ignoring You, I’m Just Waiting For You To Talk To Me First.

The Happiest Couples Never Have The Same Character. They Have The Best Understanding Of Their Differences.

Distance Means Nothing When Someone Means Everything.

It’s Crazy How You Can Go Months Or Years Without Talking To Someone, But They Still Cross Your Mind Every Day.

Make A Relation With Someone, Who Is Not Only Proud To Have You But Will Take Every Risk To Be With You.

Beauty Isn’t About Having A Pretty Face. It’s About Having A Pretty Mind, A Pretty Heart, And A Pretty Soul.

I Wish I Could See You Literally, Right Now, At This Very Second. I Want To Be With You.

A Broken Heart Is What Changes People.

Without You, I Am Nothing, With You I’m Something… Together, We’re Everything.

Don’t Leave A Girl You Need For A Girl You Want.

When You Love Someone, You Just Do. There Are No Buts, No Maybes, And No Whys.

Love Doesn’t Make The World Go Around. Love Is What Makes The Ride Worthwhile.

Even The Mere Silence Of Love, Has The Power To Drown Out All Of Life’s Chaos.

I Just Want You To Be Happy, Even If I’m Not The Reason Behind That Happiness.

One Day They’ll Realize They Lost A Diamond While Playing With Worthless Stones.

You Are My Life. You Are My Hopes. You Are My Inspiration. You Are My Everything.

If You Are Always Trying To Be Normal, You Will Never Know How Amazing You Can Be.

Love Is A Strange Thing. It Can Make Weakest Person Strong And Strongest Person Weak.

Calling Me Cure Is Nice. Calling Me Hot Is Great But Calling Me Yours Is All I Want.

It Takes Millions Of People O Make The Word. But Mine Is Completed With One & Its’ You.

For Once, I Don’t Have To Try To Be Happy Because When I’m With You Is Just Happens.

No Matter How Much You Try, There’s No Resisting Love. If It Has To Happen, It Will.

I’d Like To Run Away From You, But If You Didn’t Come And Find Me…I Would Die.

Best Relationships Usually Begins Unexpectedly.

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We Met, We Talked, We Liked, We Called, We Texted, We Dated, We Committed, I Loved, You Cheated, We’re Done, You’re Deleted.

I Think We’re Just Gonna Have To Be Secretly In Love With Each Other & Leave It At That.

My Heart Is Perfect Because… You Are Inside.

The Problem With Guys Is That They Let Go To Easily… The Problem With Girls Is That They Never Forget Easily.

If You Really Love That Person, You Wouldnt Even Think About Cheating On Them.

Your Girlfriend Is Gorgeous And Loyal. Why Flirt With Other Girls? Why Cheat? It’s Like Throwing Away A Diamond And Picking Up A Rock.

I Won’t Give Up On Us.

Even Though We Are Million Miles Away. We Will Always Be Together.

I Enjoy Every Moment I Spend With You.

Distance Doesn’t Matter If Two Hearts Are Loyal To Each Other.

Whatever The Question, The Answer Is Love.

I Want An Honest Relationship… No Secrets, No Lies, No Cheating.

Love Doesn’t Depend On Sight Or Sound, Just Heart Beats.

I Love It When You Hold Me Like You Will Never Let Me Go.

Saying I’ve Moved On… But Still Feeling Something When Suddenly See The Person.

If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them.

My Heart Is Always Your.

I Love You, But I Hate The Way You Act Sometimes.

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